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It is a fact that all life consists of cells or groups of cells. Cells, whether single celled organisms or multicellular organisms, have the same requirements to sustain life. A single celled plankton plant or animal has the same requirements as your liver cells or brain cells or muscles etc. A single celled animal lives in a watery environment. All living cells must be surrounded by fluid. All the cells of your body are surrounded by a watery matrix. A single celled animal can move itself about to find food and minerals. Your cells are locked in place, therefore, this community of cells created a system of pumps and tubes to deliver water and nutrients to the cells.

Cells are immortal unless they die by lack of water, food, nutrients or accident. If cells are immortal (and they are), why do humans age and die? By the way, how long after you die, do your cells die? Please devote a few sentences answering that question.

It is proven that if your cells live in a perfect environment, such as proper nutrition, hydration, pH, removal of waste etc., that they will be healthy and chronic diseases will be obliterated. For example, in primitive tribes 100 or more years ago, the elderly died of natural causes. (old age) Today, because of the introduction of western food-stuffs, they die of obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, alzheimers etc.

Understanding the above, I would like you to investigate and evaluate many of the popular diets such as vegan, vegetarian, keto, fruitarian, breatarian, raw food, etc. You may choose at least two popular diets so that you can compare them and discuss how they work in your body to create or destroy health. I’m looking for you to tell me how we can make our cells immortal and our bodies immortal. (yes, I know it isn’t possible, but science doesn’t know why we age, but it is related to diet)

Several Questions to Answer at the end of your essay, in addition to your final opinion:

  1. Which diet do you think is the one which creates the best environment for your cells so that they can function at their optimum level. Why?
  2. Tell me how the foods in the diet affect your cells, groups of cells, organs and glands so that they can function optimally. How?
  3. How do your foods affect pH, sugar balance and the needs of your cells? How?
  4. Understanding that your lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body, how do your foods help the lymphatic system get rid of the garbage waste of your body?

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