400 words, APA,

Each plan needs to describe the steps that need to be followed, titles or job functions of people who need to participate, tools or strategies (surveys, brainstorming, PDCA etc) that will be used and how the data gathered will be used to solve the problem or improve the process as described below:

The Discussion:

we will use a Plan Do Check Act process and document the results of each phase, to improve the quality measure outcomes for the number of patients in your group’s Accountable Care Organization who are being managed for a combination of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Coronary Artery Disease who are admitted through the emergency department to the hospital largely due to non-compliance with advice received from various physicians in your group. (Hint: Consider the combination of this scenario being caused by lack of effective communication among the physicians treating these patients and inadequate patient buy-in on the recommended care such as smoking cessation, diet, exercise etc). (Quality Improvement and Utilization Management).

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