Albert Einstein as a chief contributor, discussion help

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For the sake of this discussion I will include Albert Einstein as a chief contributor to quantum physics and or mechanics to be able to compare and contrast Darwin and his Theory of Natural Selection. Albert Einstein secured many achievements across many fields; most notably is his contributions as a physicist. Einstein’s work gave a name and understanding of nuclear energy to the general public. Einstein’s role in nuclear science coupled with his quiet outspokenness (mainly regarding political issues) earned him the honor of being named the Person of the 20th Century by Time Magazine. There are several little ways that Einstein influenced the a cultural reaction but none as profound as his work with nuclear energy, which ultimately produced nuclear weapons and the atom bomb (Bowles & Kaplan, 2012).. There is no argument sound enough to challenge the fact that Einstein changed the culture of his world; his contributions are still evident nowadays as his science is used as a foundation for things we use daily (digital technology, GPS, etc.).

Modern culture is aware of Darwin but not in the same manner as they are of Einstein. Einstein’s presence can be felt and seen in many areas, whereas Darwin is seldom discussed save for a religion versus science debate. While Darwin and his Theory of Natural Selection had a significant impact on the cultural landscape of his time, I think it is safe to argue that Einstein’s impact is more significant as we are still experiencing said impact today.

Bowles, M. & Kaplan, B. (2012). Science and culture throughout history. San Diego, California: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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