Analysis Paper: Local Medicaid Policy

Review Box 10-1 (“Vignette”) in Chapter 10 of your textbook. Develop a strategy to help the governor evaluate whether to expand Medicaid and create a state-run insurance exchange. see attachementBe sure to advise the governor on how to engage with key stakeholders. Explain the role stakeholders should have in shaping these policy choices. Your strategy should suggest an approach to resolving value conflicts among stakeholders.******************************************************************************12 pt font1″ marginstimes new roman4 scholarly resources one being by book3 pages long not including title page and resource pageTeitelbaum, J.B., & Wilensky, S.E. (2017). Essentials of health policy and law (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN:978-1-287-05754-33 pages long not including title page or reference page.******************************************************************************

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