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Part II – You have been assigned a California species that is currently endangered or threatened with extinction. You can find your assigned species in the chart below, including its common name and its scientific name. Please note: If your answers are based on a species other than the one you have been assigned, you will not receive credit for this assignment.

1. Provide the name of your assigned species.

2. Describe the native habitat of your assigned species. Where is it found in California?

3. What does your assigned species look like?

4. What does your assigned species eat? What – if anything – eats your assigned species?

5. Describe the reproductive process of your assigned species.

6. Provide any special adaptations or behaviors that allow your assigned species to survive and thrive in its environment.

7. Describe the reason(s) why your assigned species is endangered. When was it first put on the endangered species list?

8. Is there hope for recovery? What, if anything, is being done to save your assigned species?

9. Provide one additional thing you learned while researching your assigned endangered species.

10. Provide links to your source(s) of information – URLs are fine.

11. Provide a picture of your assigned species.


MY Assigned Species – Common name:El Segundo blue butterfly

Assigned Species – Scientific name:Euphilotes battoides allyni


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