Answering some questions for Environmental Control in Buildings


I need help in answering those questions which is related to Environmental Control in Building class. I’ll provide the slides lecture and the book! Answer could be through word document or directly here. You may also use any other online source to find out the answers.

  1. Define grounding
  2. Define valence shell
  3. Explain the purpose of a GFCI
  4. What is covered under the NEC?
  5. What does the National Electrical Code (NEC) says in article 90.1?
  6. What does AHJ means?
  7. What does the terms “shall” and “shall not” indicate?
  8. What does it mean for a panel to be “readily accessible”?
  9. What is the definition of a dwelling unit?
  10. What is the definition of a building?
  11. What is considered concealed wiring?
  12. What is “disconnecting means”?
  13. What is a “grounding electrode conductor”?
  14. Define “qualified person”
  15. Define Ampacity

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