Applying Research Findings discussion post

The research article this must be completed on is –

  • Effects of large financial incentives for long-term smoking cessation. A Randomized Trial, by Jean-François Etter and Felicia Schmid. This article is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Volume 68, Number 8, 2016.doi:

Applying Research Findings

You have been analyzing research studies for the past 6 weeks. Using the research article that you chose to analyze in Analysis 1 and Analysis 2, please address each of the following questions in your POSTING:

  • What experiment was taking place in your study
  • What did your research study mean to YOU?
  • What do you think the “take home message” is?
  • Will what you learned from this study alter YOUR practice behaviors?
  • Has this study influenced your professional THOUGHT? How?
  • Identify and RESPOND to one of your colleague’s postings
  • In that post, tell us something you learned from your colleague’s posting.
  • How might you APPLY this information to YOUR professional setting?

This course is about recognizing and using evidence. So, in order to earn full points, you will need to support each of your postings and assignments in this course with evidence from your readings, textbook and/or course content. Cite your sources using in-text and reference page citations, including page or paragraph numbers.

  • Complete your original post by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, EST.
  • Complete peer replies by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, EST.
  • Remember that responses to instructor comments do not count toward the minimum post requirements.
  • Failure to meet the assignment instructions, submit posts in a timely manner, respond to an instructor comment, or provide citations/references for all source material will result in a loss of points.
  • Do not use quoted or copied material.

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