Areas of Risk/Statement of Caveats, engineering homework help

I need help in completing my project. Can you write me the following, and draw me, by Microsoft Word, the base of the device. Drawings of the device are attached.

Technical Approach

This section should give a convincing argument as to how you will meet the project objectives while living within the technical constraints.  First describe form and then describe function when communicating your concept. Divide this section into subsections that cover components of the device or major areas of the project. Provide technical sketches to illustrate the technical approach.  Computer drawn sketches can be placed in the main body of the text while hand-drawn sketches should be included in an appendix. Make liberal use of figures to describe the concept.

Areas of Risk/Statement of Caveats

Identify potential risks in the project and how the risks would be addressed if the worst happened.  In other words, what is “Plan B”?  The alternative plan does not need the same level of detail as the proposed method but the reader should be convinced it will work. This section gives your customer a “heads up” to potential problems and gives you leverage to request more time or money if things go wrong.

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