Balanced Scorecard

Now that you have defined your operational problem, built your charter, and outlined what data you will be collecting and measuring, it’s time to build your balanced score card.  This weeks assignment is to construct a  balanced scorecard for your operational problem.  Note:  This will be another section of your final paper.We visited these tools in Week 2 | Chapter 5, please refer back for more information to assist you.  Below is the link that will take you to the page in the module:The Balanced ScorecardPaper RequirementsActual balanced scorecard tool (Please see example below).   This must be built in Excel.KeyMetricsBuild metrics being tracked – Building in mock numbers is required, lean on research to educate yourself on how these metrics impact organizations and where you would want your organization to fall in these areas to meet your goals.Label scorecard with red/yellow/green – as seen below.  Please review in Chapter 4 what these colors help indicate in a scorecard.Metrics range that correlate to red/yellow/greenIdentify range, actual and targetDefinition pageto explain the metrics and measurementsReferences in APA formattingNo minimum page requirement but must meet all requirements stated aboveSource:   Lowder. (2016, October 20). Healthcare Dashboards vs. Scorecards: Use Both to Improve Outcomes. Retrieved May 14, 2020, from

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