BMEN1300 DCCCD Ethics in Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Exercise

BMEN 1300

Laboratory Exercise 3

Ethics in Biomedical Engineering – II

The future may present before us, the realities from the world of comics and science fiction’s “cyborgs,” part-man, part machine. It is likely that computer chips implanted in our brains may soon not only assist those with failing memory, but even bestow fluency in a new language, or provide instantaneous access to encyclopedic databases. Developments in nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, computers and neuroscience are converging to make these possible.

These advancements bring forth questions of ethics in biomedical engineering.

Write a well-researched report on the ethical issues pertaining to brain implants. Make sure you give examples. Provide sample of informed consent. List your references.


Must be typed: 3 pages; double spaced; 1” margin; Times New Roman; 12pt font
*Informed consent/works cited do not count towards the 3 pages*
Use consistent formatting for worked cited (can be APA or MLA)
**Do not copy/paste information – summarize information using your own words. Cite your source.
Copy/pasted information will result in an automatic 0 for the assignment.

15 pts – In-class research (outline due before the end of lab)
10 pts – At least 4 references (works cited page);
5 pts – grammar, spelling, use of professional writing style (avoid 1st and 2nd person, proper in-text citations), essay length
60 pts – essay content
– 30 pts – Ethical Implant Research
– provide well defined, relevant examples and information on different kinds of research regarding brain implants
– discuss ethical concerns surrounding brain implant research design
– provide examples of how these concerns are currently being addressed or how you might address them as a researcher
– 30 pts – Ethical Implant Use
– discuss the use of neural implants – consider: appropriate/inappropriate uses of the implant, potential inequalities in people with implants and those without – use examples
– Discuss/provide examples of ethical concerns pertaining to the use of brain implants in society and speculate on possible solutions to these concerns
10 pts – Sample of informed consent – generic example

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