Book/journal summary critique

Each student must report on a different book or journal article. The student must read the entire book or journal article and submit a three-page summary and critique of the book or journal article following specified guidelines. Would you recommend this text for future classes? APA format and college-level writing is required.Introduction include:author & titleauthor’s main pointoverall evalationbackground informationabstract summary is an objective statementauthor’s main pointmain supportunbiased language (write in 3rd person)author’s thesis statementEvaluation criteriaaccuracy of contentpresence or lack of key terms or definitionshidden assumptions (lack transparency)clarity of languagefairnesslogic & organizationcommon fallacies such as name calling, over simplification, either/or statements and banwagonResponseagree or disagreewhat does the author get right or wrongultimate meritwould you recommend this text/journal article as credible? why or why not (include outside souces to support)Conclusionoverall importance of the topiccombine rating(evaluation) with personal response to focus on overall strengths and weaknessesultimate success of this  work

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