Brain cancer plan

Develop a Palliative Care Profile for brain Cancer using the criteria listed below. Attach as a Word document (click the link above) for grading and suggested revisions by the instructor.


  • Brief background on illness including:
    • Prevalence in the US
    • Average life expectancy after diagnosis
    • Which of the 3 disease trajectories this disease falls under
  • Common symptoms experienced by this patient population
  • Approaches to family-centered assessment and treatment
  • Indicate at least 3 agencies that provide support for this patient population and their families including available resources and links

Responses should be between 1-2 pages (250 – 500 WORDS) in length TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 FONT double-spaced and SUBMIT AS A WORD FILE. Put the illness you are responding to at the top of your response. Make sure your response shows evidence that you have completed and understood the readings thus far in the semester by using the theories/concepts that were covered and by adding quotes and examples from the text and other resources that help you answer the questions. Make sure to cite all references properly using APA style.

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