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In the first assignment you will either Google the Code of a State of your choice or you can go to MU Library and find the Code of Virginia and access the section of the Code that deals with the licensing of health care professionals.For example you can Google (?Virginia Code of Healthÿ Care Provider? or?California Code of Health Care provider?) When you Google on those cites or the cite of another state, you will find a listing of the various facilitiesÿ(Nursing home or hospital) or providers (nurse or Md) that are regulated or require a license to practice.Review the entire cite you choose and ?click on? a few cites (for example under the Va code first one is Law of Health Ins and second is Chap 29 supervision of PA?s) and write a report on one of the cites but also take note of how many cites there are and the number of laws and regulation contained in the State code.Write page and a half on your findings and cite where you found the information.

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