Cell culture and wound healing lab report discussion

  • The report includes cell culture, cell counting and wound healing
  • The report should include Title page, Objective, Materials & Methods (, Results (, Discussion () and Conclusion (
  • Objective: Have a clear objective that describes the goals of both the cell counting & wound healing studies.
  • Materials and Methods: includes all the materials that you have used along with the methods followed during both the modules. This section should be in your own words.
  • Results: include figures and cell counting results in results and discussion section
  • Discussion:includes details about why certain trends are seen in a plot. Discuss if there is an anomaly and try to find the reason.
  • Conclusion: It should not contain any new idea or details. It should be a summary of what was completed in the study.
  • Make sure all the graphs have x-axis and y-axis labels, error bars (st. dev.), legend, title, and caption underneath.
  • Figure caption should be brief. (1-2 sentences)
  • Use 12pt, double space, Times New Roman

I will post all result and the figure u need

note: I was in group 3 and we share date from other group in wound healing lab

also I will upload the figure soon because I cannot upload anymore files

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