CEO Brief

InstructionsFor this assignment, imagine you  are an expatriate manager for a subsidiary of a major company  headquartered in the United States. You are preparing a PowerPoint  presentation to brief the CEO on your plan to address the safety issues  specific to the country (of your choice) where you are working as the  expatriate manager.   In your introduction, discuss four  concerns in the workplace: benefits, safety, health, and global  security issues. List one issue for each concern listed.   Next, prepare a solution for each  of the four concerns. Discuss how your solutions address the issues  within the workplace. Discuss what would be the responsibility of the  global leadership team.  Conclude your presentation with a  summary of how you noted the needs of your global audience, how you will  design and deliver the training for employees keeping in mind Geert  Hofstede’s research about cultural differences, and your plans to assess  its success.  Be sure to include clear and  specific speaker notes for each slide. You must include a minimum of one  image or graphic within your presentation. You must use at least two  sources, with one being the textbook.  Your PowerPoint presentation must  be at least seven slides in length, not counting title or reference  slides. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including  in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.

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