Chapter 10

Hello everyone!I recently attended a mandatory meeting with my work group.I have been with the company for 4 months, and was surprised there  were no monthly meetings, so when this was announced I was pleasantly  surprised. There were no notes going into the meeting, for example no  idea what would be discussed, when we arrived there was pizza delivered,  and soon after with a staff of around 20 we got down to the business.  The owners of the company spoke about the difficulties of operating  during the pandemic, and the long time staff were hoping mostly for that  acknowledgment, but also in the form of increased wages, “saving  comments until the end” went out the window and very soon the group was  having their own discussions in the rows of seats, it became  ungovernable. Then the conversation turned to what could be done to  improve efficiency and to boost revenue. This was more relaxed, ideas  were heard out. Overall the leadership of the meeting was very lax, I  think this is because the meetings are so infrequent, also tensions were  high.I think leadership could have had organized the meeting a little  better for example prompting staff to bring ideas on specific topics  leading up to the meeting. It’s upsetting when staff feel under  appreciated, it would have been beneficial if management regularly  thanked the staff, there would be less workplace hostility if the staff  knows that management is advocating for them.These types of meeting  can sometime veer into faults and accusations, and I don’t think such a  public forum is the best place for this type of discussion.Few sentences comment for this disscusion

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