chemical engineering class batch process

Two aqueous sulfuric acid solutions containing 20.0 wt% H2SO4 (SG=1.139) and 60.0 wt% H2SO4 (SG=1.498) are mixed to from a 4.00 molar solution (SG=1.213). The amount of 20.0% solution fed to the process is 100 kg. (a) Calculate the mass fraction of sulfuric acid in the product solution. (b) Draw and label a flow chart for the process. Determine the number of unknowns and the number of independent balances that can be written. Show that you have enough information to solve the problem. (c) Calculate the mass flow rates of the 60.0% stream and the product stream. (c) What feed rate (in L/h) of the 60% solution would be needed to produce 1250 kg/h of the product.

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