Circular Motion need help

1. A spiraled tube lies fixed in its horizontal position (i.e., it has been placed upon its side upon a table). When a marble is rolled through it it curves around the tube, explainthe path of the marble after it exits the tube. 

2. Rex Things and Doris Locked are out on a date. Rex makes a rapid right-hand turn. Doris begins sliding across the vinyl seat (which Rex had waxed and polished beforehand) and collides with Rex. To break the awkwardness of the situation, Rex and Doris begin discussing the physics of the motion which was just experienced. Rex suggests that objects which move in a circle experience an outward force. Thus, as the turn was made, Doris experienced an outward force which pushed her towards Rex. Doris disagrees, arguing that objects which move in a circle experience an inward force. In this case, according to Doris, Rex traveled in a circle due to the force of his door pushing him inward. Doris did not travel in a circle since their was no force pushing her inward; she merely continued in a straight line until she collided with Rex. Who is correct? Argue one of these two positions.

3. Kara Lott is practicing winter driving in the GBS parking lot. Kara turns the wheel to make a left-hand turn but her car continues in a straight line across the ice. Teacher A and Teacher B had viewed the phenomenon. Teacher A argues that the lack of a frictional force between the tires and the ice results in a balance of forces which keeps the car traveling in a straight line. Teacher B argues that the ice placed an outward force on the tire to balance the turning force and thus keep the car traveling in a straight line. Which teacher is (A or B) is the physics teacher? ______ Explain the fallacy in the other teacher’s argument.

4. Anna Litical is practicing a centripetal force demonstration at home. She fills a bucket with water, ties it to a strong rope, and spins it in a circle. Anna spins the bucket when it is half-full of water and when it is quarter-full of water. In which case is more force required to spin the bucket in a circle? Explain using an equation as a “guide to thinking.”

5. A Lincoln Continental and a Yugo are making a turn. The Lincoln is four times more massive than the Yugo. If they make the turn at the same speed, then how do the centripetal forces acting upon the two cars compare. Explain.

6. Determine the centripetal force acting upon a 40-kg child who makes 10 revolutions around the Cliffhanger in 29.3 seconds. The radius of the barrel is 2.90 meters.

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