Community measures and healthcare quality , health and medicine homework help

When you begin your externship you may hear about or be involved with obtaining information for Community Measurements. Below you will find a link to the website associated with these measurements in the state of Minnesota. Most states have similar websites and measurements. To help you become familiar with these measurements you will need to research the website that is provided below and look for information on the following questions:

  1. What is The D5 and how is it used in patient care?
  2. The website states that tobacco use is still a problem in Minnesota. How many Minnesotans die from tobacco related illnesses each year and how can health care professionals help their patients with smoking cessation?
  3. What is a PHQ-9 and how is it scored?
  4. What are PROMs and why are they important to you as a medical assistant?
  5. Asthma, Spine Surgery, and Total Knee replacements are also some of the measures that are reported along with Patient Experience. Why would Patient Experience be an important measure and how would you as a medical assistant affect this measurement?

    Minnesota Community Measurement website:

Answer these five questions about community measures in a properly formatted APA Word document.

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