community questions need help!

1. Discuss key factors associated with domestic violence, and strategies for reducing it in our communities. Provide specific examples of strategies. (min.250 words)

2. List and discuss the common agents associated with waterborne disease outbreaks, and approaches to prevention of such outbreaks in our communities. Provide specific examples. (min 250 words)

3. What are the major sources and types of air pollution in modern communities? Explain the difference between primary and secondary pollution and provide examples of each. (min. 250 words)

4. Visit and click on the “Resources” tab. Then click “Fact Sheets” and then “National Facts.” After that, click on “NCADV Fact Sheet.” Read over the information found there and give highlights/summary of reading and answer the following questions.

Why is an understanding of domestic violence so important for healthcare leaders today? What will you do as a healthcare leader to provide the best care for victims of domestic violence in your own healthcare facility? Your response should be at least 500 words in length

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