Compose A 750 Words Assignment On Time Management Techniques Needs To Be Plagiar

Compose a 750 words assignment on time management techniques. Needs to be plagiarism free! People rush from one point to the other to get all the tasks done which are important to them. They try to complete each task quickly so that they may move to the other one. This hurriedness leads them to the failure of many tasks efficiently. What then is the answer to these problems? People may claim that postponing a few less important tasks to the other day may be a solution but what if there are many tasks needed to be completed on a single date? Postponing work is not the solution! The solution to this problem lies in proper time management and planning.

Time management techniques provide a way for people to get more work done with more efficiency, fewer mistakes and more accurately. Proper time management helps people save time for their other activities, strong and better relationship, more satisfactory family life and feel less tensed and stressfulness because of workload. These techniques include the following:


The first and foremost step in managing time is to be focused. It is not possible to reach your destination without focusing on the way that will lead you to that particular place. A person knowing his target must know about the procedures that may help him in achieving those targets. There are certain techniques that help individuals in keeping their focus on a particular target without distracting their thoughts and actions because of other goals and plans. The first step that may be helpful is to keep track of things in writing. A person cannot memorize all the necessary stuff, it is always better to write down the vision, goals, assignments, projects, appointments and important occasions. This is the first step in time management as it allows the individual to keep a track of the things which are required to be incorporated in the plans. This also helps the individual to focus on one task at a time and move on to the next one once it is completed. The next step is to identify which task worth the time you have. In order to manage the time properly, an individual must identify the unnecessary activities which are resulting in the wastage of time. Time is a limiting factor in our lives. hence it must not be wasted but utilized. Moreover, in order to be focused a person must have a strong vision on the outcome of his efforts. This vision of the completed picture of his goal motivates him on putting his best efforts and staying away from the unnecessary and unfruitful activities of his life.


People waste a lot of time because of less of no planning. There has to be a balance between family life, work-life, education, and entertainment and relaxation hours. In order to achieve and maintain this balance proper planning is required. Failure to plan leads to unwanted circumstances and failure of one or more goals in life. Such planning is not to achieve only long term goals but the daily activities and aims are also dependent on proper time allocation and planning. For instance, a child who plans to watch TV for 2 hours and study for 2 hours after that may fail to accomplish his goal of studying well if he spends 3 hours watching TV and the remaining 1 hour in studying. Planning involves setting goals and prioritizing those goals. For instance, a person has two tasks, one is to answer the ringing phone and the other one is to read the newspaper and stay up-to-date of the recent affairs. He would have to prioritize the tasks according to the needs. This is just a general example based on assumptions, real-life experiences and career opportunities bring many other challenges and tasks which require careful consideration and evaluation of the importance of each task.


Another important technique of time management is the organization of the tasks. The organization of work, plans and tasks must be appropriate. An individual needs to be very careful while organizing the tasks. All the necessary tasks must be considered and incorporated in the available time. A task which requires 2 hours must not be planned to be done in 1.5 hours as it affects the efficiency and quality of work. Moreover, none of the tasks must be ignored or postponed assuming it to be an obvious activity of daily routine.

Take Action:

Time management is useless until it is utilized properly. A time management plan must be followed and put into practice. Without action planning and management procedures are useless. Only planning is a waste of time. Time management techniques put emphasis on taking action according to the plans. For instance, an individual who planned to wake up at 6, take a bath at 6:30, have to breakfast at 7 and leave for office at 8 may be successful in reaching office at the specified time let’s say at 9. However, if the person does not follow this plan and wakes up late may fail to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching office on time.


Proper time management results in the physical, mental and social well-being of a person. Individuals who properly utilize time management techniques reach their goals easily and efficiently.

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