Compose A 750 Words Essay On Situational Planning Stradegy Needs To Be Plagiaris

Compose a 750 words essay on Situational planning stradegy. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Despite these strengths the recent internal audit has unveiled some challenges and threats faced by the center.

Under these circumstances, the first dilemma required to be answered is it worth revisiting the Community South Medical Center strategic plan or it will be prudent to follow the plan devised three years ago along with a yearly assessment. The recent shifts in patient care mix and shifting of good paying business from the locality to the other urban areas are two major factors that can affect the present positive trends in near future. Moreover, the overall aging trend of the population is a major concern which should be addressed rationally, especially in case of a for-profit organization of the center. Medicare and managed care have already shown a downward trend in previous three years and the shift of major businesses from the locality may even worsen the situation in the upcoming years and the center may witness a fall of employer sponsored health insurance. A change in strategic direction is therefore, deemed imperative to address the threats and capture the new opportunities. The strategic direction of Community South Medical Center is required to incorporate the changes that can ensure a sustainable profit graph in the coming years.

The community analyst and future trend analyst are two major leadership positions in my strategic management team. These two can provided a better insight in to the state of affairs that the Community South Medical Center is facing and can provide useful input for setting the future direction of the center. The community analyst will specifically look for the shifts in healthcare mix and other communal trends like dominant aging trend of population and will provided a consolidated reported on the future impact of communal changes and a relative policy change that is required to be react these changes in a befitting manner. Future

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