CPR /AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers

This paper requires you to write 6 pages for 6 CPR/ AED scenarios 

1- Scenario:  Conscious choking adult.

2- Scenario: Conscious choking child

3-  Scenario: Conscious Choking infant.

4- Scenario – CPR

5- Scenario Two Rescuer CPR

6- Scenario AED

I need you to write a narrative about each of the scenario’s like in the example attached . Put your self in the roll of a responder, who has just arrived on the scene. You might want to follow that lead and write what you would do in each situation. Make sure you tell each step for each scenario. The first step before any scenario involves what? Check to see if the scene is safe.  That’s how you should start it, and then progress to each step explaining what you would do. 

This paper will require you to watch a video or read about how CPR/AED should be done?   it’s OK to write exactly how the CPR/AED video or book tells you.

please make sure about grammar and spilling. 


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