Describe the disease Ehrilichiosis in the form of a list( see attachment)

Describe the disease Ehrilichiosis in the form of a list. Answer the following questions about the disease Ehrilichiosis, using complete sentences, use the following format, write the question, then the answer to the question. For example: if the question was, what is your favorite color? Here is what I would write.

1. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is purple.

Title: Name your assigned disease- Ehrilichiosis

1. What is the causative agent?

2. How long have we known about this disease?

3. Historically, how was this disease treated compared to modern treatments?

4. Describe the prevalence and transmission of this disease.

5. Where (in the world) is the disease prevalent?

6. How many people are currently infected?

7. What is the rate of new infections?

8. What are the rates of morbidity and mortality?

9. What is (are) the reservoir(s) of the pathogen?

10. What is (are) the mode(s) of transmission?

11. Where in the body (what tissues/organs/cells) does the pathogen affect?

12. What damage does the pathogen inflict?

13. What is the time sequence of the disease?

14. What are the major signs and symptoms?

15. What types of medical treatments are currently used?

16. Describe how these treatments affect the progression of the disease.

17. Antibiotic resistant strains?

18. Describe prophylactic measures that can be taken to limit the risk of infection.

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