Develop Part II of a health campaign plan

Develop Part II of a health campaign plan. Part II focuses on assessment and planning for a health campaign.

Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word analysis of the population and resources for your health campaign. Building on the Part I submission, provide the following:

  • Summarize Part I in a single paragraph as part of your introduction to create the context for Part II.
  • Describe how the target population is defined at the national level and compare how these data may differ in the defined community, relating to the nationally identified objective specific to the issue you identified in Part I.
  • Describe the target population’s incidence, prevalence, and mortality differences between the national and state level.
  • Explain the community-based response to the issue, including community-based planning, needs assessments, and selection of locally identified objectives.
  • Compare institutional and community leadership roles in responding to these targeted health objectives.
  • Describe any economic factors and funding intervention strategies that will address the issue.
  • Describe the role of social marketing in promoting public health related to your chosen issue.

Reference your readings and at least 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar articles.

Format the analysis according to APA guidelines.

For this assignment I just need the bold section completed with a minimum of 350 words and a max of 490 words. I will past a copy of the previous part (Part 1) of the assignment for reference. Please add at least one peer reviewed reference.

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