Discuss the contribution and limitations of MIS on companies

This is a paper that is focusing on the Discuss the contribution and limitations of MIS on companies. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Discuss the contribution and limitations of MIS on companies,Assignments question:,You are required to undertake an in-depth study of one organization of your choice, so as to cover the learning objectives of the module on Management Information System, which are:, Enumerate on the importance scope and purpose of MIS, Discuss the contribution and limitations of MIS as an aid to improve the chosen company., Discuss the impact of MIS on the overall management of the organization,, Assess the extent to which MIS contributes to improve business information needs and as a result promoting overall business performance., Evaluate the current and future impact of IT on MIS and ,organizational performance,.,Your report should include:, A general description of the organization, its business concerns, and various approaches to managing, information and MIS currently adopted., Use an organization of your choice to evaluate the need for and use of internal and external business information in that company, You are expected to make extensive fieldwork, collecting information from the organization through studying available documents and literature, journals, websites, newsletter etc, An appraisal of the impact of current approaches in MIS of the organization, on its business information needs overall management., A systematic and coherent presentation of information gathered., An appraisal or discussion on how some of the practices may be improved for more effectiveness in the functioning of the organization both presently and in future. You are to make some specific recommendations based on evidence from your study.,Your work will be assess on how effectively you undertake the above tasks and translate your understanding into a concise and comprehensive account/report.,.

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