Discussion-Please DO!

The health reform law promises to deliver big changes in the U.S. health care system. But, as with other sweeping pieces of legislation, it can be hard to get the real facts about what it does. While many/most of you likely have a good handle on the Affordable Care Act, it’s important to REVIEW the impetus to this monumental law. If you wish you knew more, you’ll super appreciate this discussion. LET’S STRIVE FOR A BALANCED DISCUSSION ON BOTH OF THE TWO QUIZZES…if you see many have posted on one, select the other to consider.

  1. FIRST, take ONE of the 10-question QUIZ choices in the Module Readings and also linked below.
  2. When you are done, review the info in the responses. Be encouraged to click into the “learn more” pieces.
  3. Title your post with the name of the quiz you took.
  4. Then, in your initial post, please repond to two simple-but-complex prompts:
  1. First, simply share your TWO “Ah-HA” reactions from your results in this quiz. What, if anything, new did you LEARN ?
  2. Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege?
  3. Aim for a good paragraph – short, succinct, passionate


  1. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).(2013, Jan). Health Reform Quiz
  2. KFF (2013, May). Women’s Health Quiz: Health Coverage and the Affordable Care Act

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