Discussion question on Wearable Device

I just need a one page paper or a few paragraphs. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Search the internet for information about scientific advances in supporting wellness. You might find a wellness app or wearable device, a wellness-related website, a scholarly article that describes a scientific advancement that could become a future health device in the future, or some other kind of interactive resource. Share a link,

  • -describe your resource so that we all have enough information to understand what it is and how it could be used, and give an informal review: strengths, weaknesses, and possible ways it could support wellness.
  • -Keep in mind the eight dimensions of wellness and relate your resource to each dimension, if possible.
  • -Have you used a wellness app or wearable device or a wellness-related website? What was it like, and was it useful?

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