Do the following……..

Your job for this assignment is to design a travel brochure or television infomercial that will teach someone from another country about some of the geologic features of North America. Specifically, your client wants to know about the six geologic provinces you learned about in this section, the Hawaiian Islands, and Yellowstone National Park.Your client would like to see a picture of each of these places and learn how they are related to plate tectonics.

Create a brochure or multimedia presentation to give your client. It should include at least one picture of each of the six geologic provinces, Hawaii, and Yellowstone. With each picture, include a brief explanation of the role of plate tectonics in creating that specific landscape. If plate tectonics did not contribute to any of the given landscapes, then explain how that landscape did form. Your assignment can be as creative as you want, but make sure it meets the minimum requirements. Convince your client that you are an expert about these landscapes and that they really should come and visit them.

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