Draft Research Proposal

I have to write a draft of my research proposal on the water conflict in the countries of Jordan and Yemen. It should be no longer than 10 pages. I have started some of it, although I am having difficulty coming up with a thesis. here is the format of the proposal:

I will upload the references.


The research problem (existing research on the problem, deficiencies in the literature, relevance of study for audiences)

The purpose or study aim of the project and reasons or rationale for a mixed methods study

The research questions and hypotheses (quantitative questions or hypotheses, qualitative questions, mixed methods questions)

Philosophical foundations for using mixed methods research Literature review (optional review quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies) Methods A definition of mixed methods research

The type of design used and its definition

Challenges in using this design and how they will be addressed

Examples of use of the type of design

Reference and inclusion of a diagram of procedures

Quantitative data collection

Quantitative data analysis

Qualitative data collection

Qualitative data analysis

Mixed methods data analysis procedures

Validity approaches in both quantitative and qualitative research

Researcher’s resources and skills to conduct mixed methods research

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