DSL100 Lynn University New Cause of Cell Aging Discovered Article Journal

DSL 100 News Journal Assignment


Your assignment will be to choose one article from a series of four posted to Canvas. You will then write a short report detailing the parts of the scientific method discussed in your article. Please see the grading rubric (posted below) for details about the breakdown for this assignment.

Please be advised, the writing of this assignment is short, but the analysis and breakdown of information may take some time. Please allow yourself plenty of time to complete the assignment.


Please consult the grading rubric while completing this assignment.

Submitting to Canvas: Submit your final journal to Canvas by the deadline listed on the Canvas website. Your journals will automatically be run through Turnitin before grading.

Do not plagiarize.

Do not copy and paste large sections from the articles.

Remember, each of these assignments is worth 5% of your final grade in this course.

List of Articles (please review all before choosing the one you will write about):




Please follow the rubric.

Do not miss citations in the writing. Put citation for each any thing that is taken even if paraphrased.

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