Due in few weeks

Literature Review (Research Paper) (Due Week 6)

Among the critical skills an anthropologist (or any scientist) must have is the ability to understand, analyze, critically evaluate, and use the work of other scholars.

For this project, each of you will (1) summarize cross-cultural research findings in anthropology journal articles on one health/illness-related issue of interest to you, and then (2)describe how the journal articles contribute to a cross-cultural understanding of the topic, comparing and contrasting the articles’ findings as appropriate.

For example, perhaps you or someone in your household had a cold; you would look for articles about colds or, more broadly, acute respiratory infections in different groups of people. Perhaps you or someone in your household is a vegetarian for health-related reasons; you would look for articles about vegetarianism or, more broadly, eating and health from a cross- cultural perspective, that is, in different groups of people. This does not mean only different ethnic groups; people in the same family with the same ethnic heritage may have many different culturally constructed ideas about eating and health.

Use the UMUC library databases (for example, Social Science Citation Index) to find relevant journal articles on your topic. Some major anthropology journals are listed below.

  • Anthropology and Medicine
  • Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry*
  • Curare*
  • Global Change and Human Health*
  • Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
  • Journal of Ethnopharmacology
  • Medical Anthropology Quarterly
  • Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness
  • Social Science and Medicine*
  • Human Organization

Make sure the article(s) you choose is (are) written from an anthropological perspective. Anthropology should be explicitly mentioned.

You must include a minimum of five references from anthropological journals. You may include more than five references, and you may use references from journals that are not on the above list of anthropology journals. However, at least five of your references must be written from an anthropological perspective and published in at least one of the journals listed above. References should be cited within your paper and listed at the end of your paper in proper APA or AAA style (see the FAQs conference).

In your paper, you must:

  • identify the research questions the author(s) investigated in their study (what did the author(s) want to know?) (10 points)
  • summarize the previous research the author(s) reviewed (20 points)
  • detail the methods the author(s) used to collect data (10 points)
  • summarize the results of their study (10 points)
  • discuss the study’s implications for the health/illness-related issue it addresses (how can these findings be used to improve health?(10 points)
  • list any limitations to the study that the author(s) acknowledged or that you identify (10 points)
  • list future studies suggested by this study and your own suggestions (10 points)

(20 points for proper APA/AAA style, grammar, spelling, quality of writing and inclusion scholarly references) Total assignment points possible for this assignment is 100 points. Use a word processor (preferably MS Word) to create your paper. This paper should be 7 -8 pages in length, double-spaced with 12 point font, not including tables or the reference list.

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