Earth Science Mineral or Rock Research Paper

Mineral or Rock Research Paper Instructions

Write a short research paper between 450-550 words on any one mineral or rock of your

choice. Include illustrations if they are clearly labeled and informative. Use any source of

information except When using the internet be discerning and look for reliable

unbiased sources, something with a .org or .gov extension to the url. Do not copy and paste

from your sources, write the paper in your own words, you must submit your paper via Turnitin

a plagiarism checking app that allows you and me to see if passages of text have been lifted

directly from previously published material. Plagiarism is “the practice of taking somebody

else’s work or ideas and passing them off as your own” notice I put quotes around that

definition because I took it from the google dictionary

( I will grade your paper using the following


Introduce the mineral or rock and state what made you pick this one. 10 points.

Describe the mineral or rock in detail, use the correct terminology. 20 points.

Give some basic information about where and how it is formed (process of formation

and source material) and the kind of plate tectonic setting in which we find it. 20 points.

Describe any economic uses for the rock or mineral. 20 points.

Write a short conclusion summarizing everything. 10 points.

10 points for spelling, punctuation and grammar accuracy.

10 points for citation of sources in a clear and consistent format of your choice.

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