EBP project

I need the EBP project based on the PICOT question – MY PICOT Question is Would adult patients in the hospital have a decreased incidence of CLABSIs if clinical staff utilized CLABSI bundle (hand hygiene, barrier precautions, use of chlorohexidine, optimal site selection, avoidance of femoral sites, and daily review of line necessity protocols) as opposed to clinical staff dealing with central lines without a protocol, during the duration of the hospital stay?Please see attachements for detais. I am attcing a sample of EBP too.THXThe proposal is the plan for an evidence-based practice project designed to address a problem, issue, or concern in the professional work setting. Although several types of evidence can be used to support a proposed solution, a sufficient and compelling base of support from valid research studies is required as the major component of that evidence. Proposals are submitted in a format suitable for obtaining formal approval in the work setting. Proposals will vary in length depending upon the problem or issue addressed; they can be between 4,000 and 5,000 words. The cover sheet, abstract, references page, and appendices are not included in the word limit.Section headings and letters for each section component are required. Responses are addressed in narrative form in relation to that number. Evaluation of the proposal in all sections is based upon the extent to which the depth of content reflects graduate-level critical-thinking skills.This project contains seven formal sections:Section A: Organizational Culture and Readiness AssessmentSection B: Problem DescriptionSection C: Literature SupportSection D: Solution DescriptionSection E: Change ModelSection F: Implementation PlanSection G: Evaluation of Process

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