ENGR – Project Report Assignment help

I want report from the project. You can see all dates in the files.

ENGR – Project Report Assignment

Each student is required to write and submit an individual Project Report.Both hard copy and electronic submission (through My Assignments) are required.


  • Include a title page with the following information:Course Title and Section, Project Title, Professor’s Name, Team Members, Submitted by:your name, Submission Date  Text should be double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.
  • Use a paragraph format and include headings for the sections given below.
  • All tables and figures used should be properly labeled with a Table or Figure number and title
  • All tables, figures, equations and references must be properly referenced in the text.

Writing Style:

The reader for this report is a freshman engineering student like yourself, but who knows nothing about the project you completed.Your goal is to give enough description, so that a person who does not know the project can read the report and clearly understand what was done, how it was done and what conclusions can be made.


Include the following sections:

  1. Introduction and Background – Give the reader a quick background into what you are doing and why it is useful.
  2. Materials and Methods – What did you do? How did you address problems as they came up?Do not give a list, but write as a paragraph the steps you went through to complete the project. Do not give details of any equations or formulas used here. They will be included in the next section.Images of the setup and their description would be useful.Remember, you must include enough detail for reader (who never saw the project) can clearly understand what you did.
  3. Results – Include any formulas used, any data calculated.This is where you present your tables and figures.Make sure to introduce them in text.
  4. Discussion – Help the reader understand the results presented in the previous section.Discuss your results.Do they make sense?Can you see any trends?What went wrong and why?
  5. Conclusions Recommendations – What are the most useful or interesting outcomes of the project?What would you do differently if you were given the chance to do this project again?
  6. References – Include a reference for any document you used to help with the writing of this report and refer to all of them in the text
  7. Appendices (optional) – Include more detailed or lengthy information that can be useful, but is not essential to the understanding of the report.This information is only mentioned in the report, but not discussed.

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