ENTC 3020 mahde

ENTC 3020 First Paper Rubric Paper 1 ? From the syllabus:ÿ ?Examine any existing and well developed technology. Define the effects of that a specific technology had (or has) on society. There is a date boundary for this paper ? 1850 to present day. As an example you could examine what effect the telegraph had on society. The paper must also examine what existing technology was displaced by the “new” technology. Areas to examine include impact on jobs, economic changes, and displaced manufacturers.? The minimum number of pages will be 5 in the main body of the paper with the maximum number of pages not to exceed 8 in the main body of the paper.ÿ Minimum 5 citations are required in your research and must be referenced in the appendices in your paper.ÿ Large images and supporting data may be added in the appendices ? no page limit on Appendices.ÿ Appendices are not counted as part of the main body of the paper.ÿ Only papers submitted in Microsoft Word will be accepted.ÿÿ MLA format.ÿ Double spacing with 1? margins all the way around each page.ÿ Watch using Word?s grammar/spell checker.ÿ Remember a bass is a fish or a type of guitar.ÿ And: they went there with their friends.ÿÿ Following the above minimum requirements are a good foundation for a good grade on the paper.ÿ Not meeting the minimum requirements will make a passing grade for the paper difficult. Supplemental Info: I will use Turnitin to check for the originality of your work.ÿ Turnitin check needs to be under 20% for good originality.ÿ Properly cite quotes in your paper, but if Turnitin is 20% or over, then the body of your paper needs to be correspondingly longer than the minimum 5 pages.ÿ For example, if half a page is either a direct quote or an edited quote that Turnitin catches, then your paper needs to be at least 5 « pages in length. If I can determine that you copied or significantly copied a paper submitted by someone else, expect a significant mark down on your grade.ÿ This include using term paper writing services. I want your opinion and work.ÿÿ Be careful with the spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word.ÿ Remember ? a bass is a type of fish or a type of musical instrument.ÿ And the musical instrument bass is not the same thing as what your lamp rests on, or a base. If you have any questions, please ask. This Rubric and the description in the syllabus are your guide for what is expected on this paper.

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