Epi Homework

Non-smokersSmokersCADNo CADCADNo CADHigh coffee4090High coffee15065Low coffee65150Low coffee4520(a)  Calculate the crude odds ratio (for the association of coffee drinking and CAD) and the two stratum-specific odds ratios.Show your calculations. (3 pts)(b) Next assess whether:i.  smoking is related to coffee consumption among those without CAD.ii.  smoking is related to CAD among subjects with low coffee consumptionShow the new 2×2 tables for these relationships and your calculations for the stratum specific ORs for the new tables. (4 pts)(c) If you knew nothing else about this clinical/biological system, are the data given in the question and your calculations in item (b) sufficient evidence for you to conclude that smoking is a confounder in the relationship between coffee use and CAD? Explain the rational behind your answer.

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