Essay drama | English homework help

Topic:  Write an analytical essay that examines Trifles, A Doll’s House, or How I Learned to Drive in terms of at least one of the elements of drama we’ve discussed (i.e. set/setting, conflict, plot, characterization, language and style, theme).


You will be required to use evidence from the play itself (your primary source) as well as a minimum of two outside (secondary) sources in order to support the points you will be making.


Audience: You are writing for an audience of your peers as well as your instructor. Therefore, you may assume the reader’s familiarity with the text, but you will also need to maintain a professional academic persona throughout the essay.


Format:  Your essay should be typed according to MLA format. You will need to refer to the text of the play you are analyzing. Be sure to use appropriate MLA format for both in-text citations and list of works cited. No title page is necessary.


Scope: 4-6 typed pages

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