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Non-verbal Messages Project

After viewing the 1982 version of “Victor Victoria” (with Julie Andrews and James Garner) write a two page, double spaced essay on the various types of non-verbal cues used by to establish and enhance the gender of the characters they portray. Keep in mind that in such gender based cues may include subtle messages to make males seem more masculine and females more feminine; and in this particular movie they may also be used to make a male seem more feminine and a female seem more masculine. Also remember that the director of the movie, rather than a particular character, may provide such cues, for example a cue provided by the set up of the scene itself.

Non-verbal cues can include gestures, facial expressions, body movements, body appearance, eye contact, the use of space, colors, touch, even the use of silence.

Identify at least ten specific examples of gender-based non-verbal messages. Explain how the sender meant for them to be interpreted and how the receiver interpreted them. If there is a discrepancy, explain why this seems to have occurred.


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