Explain the nature and astronomical significance of the Moon and Saturn, assignment help

Dear writer,

Please, answer the questions below (300 words per each question, 900 words total). Single-spaced.

1) Explain the nature (type of object) and astronomical significance (e.g., why it is important for astronomers to study this object or type of objects) of the Moon and Saturn. Look for this information in your textbook or online. Provide references (NOT Wikipedia!) for where you found your information.

2) Choose one of your objects (The Moon or Saturn). Find a news article written about this object or class of objects published in the last 5 years (e.g. from a newspaper/magazine or online news site). Briefly summarize the article. Describe how this article relates to information you have learned in class. Did it present new information about the object(s) that you did not already know? Based upon your knowledge from class, do you find the reporting in this article to be accurate? Please explain. Please reference your article. The format of the reference is at your discretion, but should contain sufficient information to find the original article.

3) Choose one of your objects (The Moon or Saturn). Formulate a question you have about this object or type of objects, and explore how you would go about finding the answer. Write down (a) the question you would like to investigate; (b) what you think the answer may be – your hypothesis – based on what you have learned in class and during this observing project; and (c) a detailed description of how you would test your hypothesis and attempt to answer your question. Remember to give realistic ways in which you could test your hypothesis. Some issues to consider: Would you need the biggest telescopes on Earth, or could smaller ones be used; and/or would you need a space-based telescope or mission? What wavelengths of light would be best for your observations? Do you need images, spectra, and/or computer simulations? Would you need to observe the object several different times or just once?

In attached files you may find the textbooks if necessary.

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