Explain why gasoline will not dissolve in water, Question help

Question. Explain why gasoline will not dissolve in water

Question. If 5.40 kcal of heat is added to 1.00 kg of water at 100⁰C, how much steam at 100⁰C is produced?Show all calculations leading to an answer

Question. The Kw of water varies with temperature. Calculate the pH of water at 46⁰C with a Kw = 1.219 x 10-14.Show all calculations leading to an answer

Question.Calculate the hydroxide ion concentration of a solution with pH = 3.25.Show all calculations leading to an answer.

Question.What salt results from the neutralization of phosphoric acid with potassium hydroxide?

Question.What is the oxidation number of chlorine in Al(ClO4)3?

Question.Which element is oxidized in the following reaction: CuO(s) + H2 (g) à Cu(s) + H2O (l)

Question.The following unbalanced equation describes the reaction that can occur when lead (II) sulfide reacts with oxygen gas to produce lead (II) oxide and sulfur dioxide gas: PbS + O2 à PbO + SO2 Balance the equation and describe in words the electron transfer(s) that takes place.

Question.What type of radiation is emitted when chromium-51 decays into manganese-51?Show the nuclear equation that leads you to this answer.

Question.Iron-59 has a half-life of 45.1 days.How old is an iron nail if the Fe-59 content is 25% that of a new sample of iron? Show all calculations leading to a solution.

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