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Film report: Movies reflect our culture and society, the values, institutions, and social interactions that prevail in a particular historical social context. There are a number of popular movies and documentary films available to illustrate sport and social issues from a sociological perspective. Your review should begin with an introduction to the film that discusses why you chose this movie, how it is relevant to sport and society, and give a brief synopsis of the movie. What is the major focus or plot? Who are the main characters? What is the arc of the action – beginning, middle, and end? You should spend no more than a page providing this overview. Your following pages should consider the sociological issues raised by the film and an analysis of issues that are raised in relationship to sport. Your paper should be three pages, double spaced, in a12 font. Please number your pages, and have a reference page consisting of the full references of your work. Film analysis due April 14, 2021.

Top 50 sport films (Vulture):

BBC Top 50 sport films:

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