Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation

Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation

You are a regional healthcare administrator for a long-term care organization. You have been asked to provide training to a new group of healthcare administrators, who just completed their degree. They have no work experience in healthcare administration or financial management. For this assignment, you are to:

Develop a narrated presentation using PowerPoint slides that explain the role of healthcare administrators in fiscal planning and financial management.

Be sure to address the following components:

  1. Strategic planning.
  2. Budgeting.
  3. Regulatory compliance.
  4. Insurance and reimbursement.
  5. Human resources/human capital/staffing.

Develop a 10–12 slide narrated presentation (excluding your cover page and references) with speaker notes.

include 3–5 quality references, one being your course textbook.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

Analyze the healthcare administrator’s role in fiscal planning and management.

Course Resources


Instructional Materials
Required Resources 

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Supplemental Resources 

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