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Disscusion 1″Procreation and Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care”ÿÿÿPart AÿFrom the scenario, examine the concept of health care ethics, and ascertain the fundamental way in which such concepts apply to procreation-related issues. Speculate on the major ramifications of using moral principles to make decisions concerning such issues.Part B Consider the concept of ethics in health care predicated on ethical theories and moral theories, and explore the connection of such ethics with ethics committee decision making. Rationalize the primary concerns of conception, wrongful birth, and abortion from the perspective of health care professionals who must make these decisions.Disscussion 2″End-of-Life Issues and Professional Liability Insurance”ÿÿPart AÿFrom the scenario, analyze the concept of patients? rights and the concerns of physicians and nurses, as they apply to patients facing end-of-life decisions. Give your opinion on whether or not health care professionals are suitably educated in the sensitive nature of end-of-life and patient expectations. Provide a rationale for your response.Part BAnalyze the major connections between liability of professionals, insurance policy coverage, and settlement of claims due to health care liability issues. Consider the concept of insurance coverage denial, and ascertain the manner in which such denial is built upon the limitation clauses and conditions set forth by the insurance provider.This is a required resource, however supplemental resources can be added.Pozgar, G. D. & Santucci, N. (2016).ÿLegal aspects of health care administration. (12th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.Write clearly and conciselyÿusing proper writing mechanics.«- 1 page each discussion, double-spaced; 12 point, Times New Roman font; following APA requirementsÿReferences should be on a separate reference page, appropriately double-spaced, and organized alphabetically.

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