Gap Analysis Plan

Write a 3- to 4-page Gap Analysis Plan that addresses the following:  Identify the workflow issue you will be exploring in the Course Project. Explain how this workflow issue is tied to EHRs. Identify the specific © 2012 Laureate Education, Inc. 5 meaningful use objective(s) related to the workflow issue.  List 2–3 goals you have set for your gap analysis and what you hope to accomplish by examining the workflow you selected.  Describe your methods of data collection and the individuals you will observe, consult, and/or interview. Include any relevant narrative statements, checklists, interview questions, or other tools you will use to collect data.  Explain how you will minimize disruption in the workflow during observations and how you will avoid bias as you conduct your gap analysis.  Describe how you will record, quantify, and analyze the data you collect. Explain how you will establish baseline metrics to normalize data from different sources of information. 2. In a reference list, cites a minimum of three scholarly references (with APA citations) that you used to create your gap analysis plan.

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