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Renewable energy isn’t new, a new concept, however the technology that is being developed for various applications are.  While there are various types of renewable energy the two that catch my attention is solar power and wind power.

Solar power or photovoltaics, is energy that focuses the sun’s power and uses it in various ways to power our electrical devices.  While this was an extremely expensive way of life before, with new technology, the price of solar equipment is steadily dropping.  As Matt Williams, 2016 tells us, Not only are they a relatively inexpensive source of energy where grid power is inconvenient, too expensive, or just plain unavailable; increases in solar cell efficiency and dropping prices are making solar power competitive with conventional sources of power (i.e. fossil fuels and coal).  Even with Tesla, Nissan, and other car companies making electric cars more available, most people are so unaware of the technology that they steer away from it and keep their fossil fuel cars.  In addition, the oil companies who have ties with government officials make it so hard to get government grants and approval that electric cars have a while to go before they become the norm.

Another fashion of power is wind power.  According to Bensel, T. & Turk, J. (2014), wind supplies 51 percent of the demand, provided by 3.8 million large wind turbines (each rated at five megawatts) worldwide.  While that sounds like a lot, the rising use of energy means that this will not be enough to sustain us for the future.  Wind power has been used for years t push might ships across the world, but until the last decade we have recently moved from using this to power ships to bigger applications.  While in most European countries wind power is spreading more and more, America has been somewhat on the slower side to convert to this power source.

The government as taken initiatives in the past decade aid for research in the renewable energy field.   There is a fedeal financing program guide that assist busineses in getting financial resources for renewable energy.  “Federal Financing Programs for Clean Energy is a resource guide to U.S. government programs that support the development of clean energy projects in the U.S. and abroad. Featuring programs from ten agencies, the guide includes summaries and case studies that can benefit private sector partners in finding capital for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. (“Federal Financing Programs for Clean Energy | Department of Energy”, 2016)

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