HA425 Unit5 Discussion

Discussion responses should be at least 200 words Discuss the need for a reliable measurement system that can be used to monitor progress toward targets and to generate reports. Discuss the contents of a typical dashboard for quality. Discuss the need for reporting and transparency. On two diferent paragraph give your opinion toJasmine DelmasDiscuss the need for a reliable measurement system that can be used to monitor progress toward targets and to generate reports.To have a reliable measurement system in health care is an essential for organizations to to determine how successful they have become, one example of this would be Key Performance indicators (KPI),which helps makes progress towards long-term organizational goals, as well as, incorporates information on sources, calculations and definitions for each measure and it also measures progress goals and objectives for organizations that provides a beneficial outcomes or improvements. By monitoring the KPIs it provides useful inputs and to impact evaluation.Retrieved from:https://www.applicationperformancemanagement.org/performance-testing/key-performance-indicators/Discuss the contents of a typical dashboard for quality.With the constant change in healthcare, dashboard is a visualized tool that provides awareness, trending, and both planning and actual comparisons. Dashboards are often used in health care in operation room, radiology departments, emergency departments an SICU. With this information from the dashboard the end users will be able to obtain information to make decisions and drive management strategies based off of information that is presented to them.Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5688382/Discuss the need for reporting and transparency.Transparency in healthcare is an important aspect in healthcare because it helps with improving quality of care by holding more physicians accountable, improve productivity because health managers will have the knowledge that will help motivate employees, which will make them work more productively, as well as to help reduce operating costs.Retrieved from: https://healthadministrationdegree.usc.edu/blog/the-challenges-and-rewards-of-transparency-in-healthcare/andLatasha YoungIt is important to have a reliable measurement system that can be used toward targets and to generate reports because it is important for the growth process of an organization. The measurement system examines and shows the changes in the performance of a business so that you’re able to manage it better.A dashboard in healthcare is a display of key performance indicators that management teams monitor regularly. The contents of the dashboard provide awareness, trending, planning and comparisons. It helps to set goals and meet them.Transparency and public reporting are important to healthcare. transparency provides reliable information on the quality and efficiency on the health care system. It also includes the price of health care services, which allows the decision on which providers or healthcare services to choose.References:1- Collins, S. “Transparency in Healthcare: The time has come” retrieved from www.commonwealthfund.org2- Karami, M. “Evaluation of Effective Dashboards” retrieved from www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles3- www.infoentrepreneurs.org/measure-performance-&-set-targetswith a total of two pages

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