HA515 Unit 6 Discussion

Before you begin this Discussion, review the Module: Professional Etiquette using Social Media  Attached.A transcript of the presentation is attached.Social media has blossomed into many forms since its inception and brought with it a need to consider how we interact with one another. After watching this video what are the areas of common courtesy that stand out for you and areas of major concern that need to be carefully guarded against? Answer in no less than 200 wordsIn two different paragraph with no less than 75 words give your personal opinion to Sharron Gholson and Danielle DialsSharron GholsonSocial media is a new art; the new wave of how we as a society communicate, exchange ideas, market a brand and believe it or not socialize. Social media modes are helping organizations to extend their audiences. Healthcare organizations are using this means of outreach to recruit practitioners, promotion of their mission as an organization, and community outreach to name a few. From the professional application of LinkedIn that showcases a person or a companies professional aspect to Instagram that connects individuals/brands across the globe, in this day in age it is important to tap in those outlets that reach boundaries that can not be touched physically in the moment. On a personal level, social media helped me foster a relationship with my now wife. Social media is how networking of businesses becomes possible and individuals can continuously connect with family and friends.Although social media has positive implications, if not used properly it cause a wave of negativity and ill feelings. Commonly, like texting with words, if proper words and dialogue are not used or if an idea is not clearly illustrated, it maybe taken out of context. It is interesting to note that one word or illustration could in fact throw off the context of a message. Interaction could be seen within social media, texting and even email communication as we advance in technology and how we communicate on a continual bases. Elicitation of so many emotion can be expressed just by the usage of words. It is important to know what words to use and what words are “danger” words that can bring about harsh feelings.Danielle DialsSocial media is great for staying in touch with long distance family and friends as well as providing a digital “scrapbook” (for lack of a better word) of where you have been and with who. It is fun to look back at your timeline, however we must be weary of who else is looking. As the video described, potential employers and recruiters look at social media accounts to judge your level of professionalism and attention to detail. If you have pictures of yourself participating in illegal activities or share controversial content, it could be a major turn off for employers. In a sense, social media is your branding platform. We should each take the time to clean it up to ensure we are portraying ourselves in the best light.Social media has also influenced the way we communicate, especially younger “Gen Z” folks. Most social media posts are informal (think emojis), and this informal style of writing can quickly make its way into workplace emails and communication if not careful. In addition, phone calls have become a rarity – most things can be done online without ever having to verbally speak to anyone – which adds another layer to communicating effectively. These are two reasons why email and phone etiquette are now being taught in schools and organizations across the country (Park, 2020).ReferencesPark, A. (2020, February 11). WSJ: Gen Z workers need lessons in email, phone etiquette. Retrieved from https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/healthcare-information-technology/wsj-gen-z-workers-need-lessons-in-email-phone-etiquette.html

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