Hardware, Software, and Network Requirements

Assignment ContentRefer to Figure 2.25 in Business Driven Information Systems to complete this assignment.Karen Adams, a former student at the local college, has been expanding her business, Great Day Fitness Tracking, in the college’s business incubator.Karen has determined that she needs to expand her business online, and she needs someone to set up her initial website and business systems. The site would gather data from wearable fitness tracking devices as well as input from mobile and computing devices. Karen wants to include a charitable component to her business and is considering using a sales model in which her business will donate a percentage of its profits to charity.Karen has hired your small business, IT Business Services Consultants, to develop her website and business systems over the next few weeks.Write a 2- to 3-page proposal for the client that includes:An overview of the top information systems used in business today and how they relate to Karen’s business needsA description of the relationship between business processes and information systemsA flowchart in Microsoft® Visio® forhandling an online registrationA flowchart for handling an online registrationAreas for information systems (IS) use and security concernsA list of areas of concern for ethical handling of customers’ private information

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