Health Policy Analysis Project – Policy Options and Recommendations

In this assignment you will identify policy options, the intended outcome of the options, the criteria by which options are evaluated, and make your final recommendation.

To develop the policy options portion of the analysis, you will provide at least 3 alternatives for consideration. This section is not just a recitation of various choices; it provides an analysis of each option by stating the positives and negative aspects of pursuing each path. Your text provides some major actions policymakers use to deal with policy issues. Use these to prompt your thoughts. Make sure to keep the outcome of the proposed alternative in mind as you conduct the analysis.

In this section, you will also layout the decision or evaluation criteria you will use in making your recommendation. The text provides sample criteria for consideration in Box 14-2 on page 286.

Alternatively, Collins (2005) presents five criteria from the work of Rodriguez-Garcia (2000). These are:

Relevance: Does the intervention contribute to the health needs of the target population? Is it consistent with policies and priorities?

Progress: How do actual results compare with projected or scheduled results?

Efficiency: What are the results in relation to resource expenditure of the intervention?

Effectiveness: To what degree does this particular intervention attain its objectives?

Impact: What is the effect of the activity on the overall health and related socio-economic development?

Finally, you should choose one of your options as your recommendation. The recommendation section should begin by clearly identifying which option is favored and why the option is the preferred alternative. This section is not intended to repeat the information in the analysis, rather it explains why, despite any drawbacks, this is the best action going forward. Therefore, the section also identifies what, if any, actions can be taken to mitigate or overcome any negative aspects of the recommendation (Tietelbaum & Wilensky, 2015).

  1. Review Chapter 14 of Essentials of Health Policy and Law.
  2. Review information gathered for the Annotated Bibliography assignment in Workshop Two.
  3. Prepare a 4-6 page paper addressing the Policy Options, Intended Outcomes, Decision Criteria, and Recommendations for the policy under consideration.
  4. In the paper address the following:
    1. A minimum of 3 policy options designed to address the problem statement.
    2. Provides an analysis of each option by stating the positives and negative aspects of each.
    3. Address the potential outcome(s) associated with each intervention.
    4. Identify the decision criteria which you will use to evaluate each of the policy options.
    5. The policy recommendation, including why the policy option was chosen, and ways, if any, to mitigate negative aspects of the option
  5. Be sure to consider the audience in the formulation of this Policy Options, Intended Outcome, Decision Criteria, and Recommendations section.
  6. Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA formatting.

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